English Club (English Eclat)

English, being an International Language, is an important discipline of the curriculum. English language club is an initiative taken by our Institute to increase the language skills of the students. English Club helps to boost the confidence, which is an important accessory, in students so that they can freely communicate. The good thing about creating an English club is giving chance to students to learn English with fun and it is also a place for students to improve their English. The Club paves the way to students to build up their personality, discover, understand and become themselves and develop their cultural competences. The English club conducts language activities at college level once in a month. The activities are practical based. Different activities are conducted for students based on all the four skills i.e., Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and vocabulary development. Keeping in consideration the poor communication skills, students are encouraged to communicate formally as well as informally. It encourages students to use language in a relaxed atmosphere and away from the class pressure. In addition, it enhances ties of cooperation between students and teaching members.

  • To create a strong penchant for language skills among the student community.

  • To make the students feel confident and comfortable using English language.

  • To provide the students a casual platform to speak English confidently.

  • To cast out the fear of English language among the students.

  • To enrich the students’ English vocabulary.

  • To make the students become competent in all the job fields.

Activities- 2021-22

1Litt Expo Click Here
2Debate Click Here
3Elocution Click Here
4News Paper Activities Click Here
5Group Discussion Click Here
7Power Point Presentation Click Here
8Compering Competition Click Here

Activities- 2020-21

1Drama Click Here
2Elocution Click Here
3Picture Perception I Year Click Here
4Picture Perception II Year Click Here
5Poetry Writing Click Here
6Role Play Click Here

Activities- 2019-20

1Aspire Drama Click Here
2Aspire Litt Expo Click Here
3Public Speaking Click Here
4Vocab Test Click Here

Activities- 2018-19

1Aspire 2018 Click Here
2Picture Perception Click Here
3Poetry Writing Click Here
4Role Play Click Here
5Vocab Test Click Here

Activities- 2017-18

1Debate Click Here
2Poetry Day Click Here
3Role Play Click Here
4Vocab Test Click Here

Activities- 2016-17

1Debate Click Here
2Guest Lecture Click Here
3JAM Session Click Here