Aim of the CFI

Centre for Innovation (CFI) of B V RajuCollege was inaugurated on 05-september-2022 with an intake of 30 students which was increased to 65 in a year. Currently, our college C.F. I coordinator is Mr. CH.CH. V.B. VASANTH, Lecture in Physics

Vision of the CFI

We encourage students to build their ideas into projects and enhance their thought processes through scientific innovations and discoveries.

Mission of the CMI

We explore the tools and technologies required for daily electric and electronic instruments around us. Our innovations and research help solve real-world problems. And sustain in the new technology era. To provide the latest technology to all.

CFI Symbol


Advisory Committee

S.No.Name of the Advisory Designation
1Dr. I. R. Krishnam Raju Principal
2Ch.S. V. Satyanarayana Vice Principal
3B. Kiran Head of the Department of Physics
4CH. Satyanarayana IQAC Coordinator
5CH.CH.V.B.Vasanth CFI Coordinator

Student Coordinator by year wise


  1. K. Aishwaryambica.

  2. G. Durga Naga Sree

  3. Ch. Keerthi

  4. MD. Gauhur Ali Mirza

  5. D. Murali Krishna

  6. Jhon Babu

  7. Jayanth


  1. Y. Annappa

  2. P. Krishna Mohan

  3. Y. Suresh Babu

  4. Ch. Dinesh

  5. Ch. Tirumala Rao

  6. K. Chandra Sai Reddy

  7. K.Bhuvana

  8. K. Bhavana

  9. M. Bhavana


  1. K. Harshini

  2. K. Bhuvana

  3. K. Sirisha

  4. K. Vanishnavi