About The Department

English department is an amalgam of Eminent and experienced faculty who work in an amicable environment to achieve assiduous goals.

"Tell me and I forget; Teach me and I remember; Involve me and I learn", these phrases of Benjamin Franklin are taken as principles for English department. The main aim of the department is to improve communication skills among students. In the present competitive world, a student who completed his /her graduation is not just enough to sell. Student along with his academics should also carry some extra identity. The student should acquire the minimum ability to speak, write and interpret the language. No doubt, English dominates the whole world in all the sectors. It was recognized as "International language". At this point, English department organizes different activities that makes the pupil acquaint with the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills, which are the four basic skills of a language.

  • To empower pupil to function optimally.
  • To increase pupil language proficiency.
  • To motivate student to aspire high.
  • To create environment to improve communication skills.

Transform the student by providing value based education to succeed in the competitive world and elicit student innate talent.


The department of English at B.V.Raju College is dedicated to fostering student success by providing a solid academic foundation.

  • To empower each individual to reach his potentiality with excellent communication skills.
  • To make pupil learn correct interpretation, openness and mutual understanding.
  • To create opportunities at every level and every context to improve language proficiency.

To enhance the student communication who is especially from rural back ground. English department implements the following functions:

  • English Lab: In English Lab, faculty of English makes the students to listen model speeches and sounds to develop their slang. Students are shown animated movies with English sub tittles to create interest to develop language.

  • English Club: English club conducts different activities like Role Play, Story Telling, JAM, Group Discussion, Debate, Topic Discussion etc. Students are awarded with prizes and certificates to encourage them. To develop reading skills, students are made to read different books available in English department library.

  • Placement Training: English department strives hard to train the student to place in different Multinational companies from the first year itself. Daily, under the supervision of the English faculty the students are made to read 'The Hindu' news paper and interpret it. English class room is an activity based and student centered class rooms. Students are involved in seminars, demonstration, mind maps, quiz lets and Google class rooms etc. English department takes active role in civil training programme.

  • Guest lectures : English department make an effort to provide guest lectures by eminent faculty of reputed colleges. This makes the student acquire communication skills and enhance interest towards language.

  • Aspire 2k19: English department conducted a competition titled Picture Perception for students of different colleges and internally also to encourage competitive spirit among the students along with language skills.

By all these activities students are trained from the initial stage so that in the final year of their studies the students would be ready to prove themselves in placement drives and future endeavors.