About The Department

The department of Physics and Electronics mainly concentrates on introducing scientific methodology to students.This is systematically done by concept oriented learning with supporting experimental proofs. The department gives knowledge in Physics and Electronics for undergraduate students as per Adikavi Nannaya University curriculum.

The department deals mostly with rural students the faculty works hard to

  • Improve positive attitude and communication skills among students
  • Motivate students to go for higher studies in basic sciences.

The department has three spacious laboratories and a dark room with servo stabilizer(5KVA).The department is having all the requirements to train the students both in theory and practicals..The department has well trained and dedicated faculty.

The labs are well equipped with spectrometers,three dimensional travelling microscopes,hydrogen lamps,sodium lamps,mercury lamps,cathode ray oscilloscopes, 8051 micro controllers,frequency modulators& demodulaters, interfacing devices like stepped motors and other modern apparatus.


The Department of Physics and Electronics promotes scientific temperament, critical thinking and openness to social, scientific, technological and educational changes.


To develop students understanding in concepts of Physics and Electronics and contribute to the betterment of the society

  • To provide high quality education at graduate level in the fields of Physics and Electronics

  • To motivate the students towards higher studies and research in the fields of Physics and Electronics

  • To create the environment and infrastructure to make the students contribute to the progress of the society.