• Information to Faculty :-
    Faculty members are required to update their knowledge base by continuous learning through online courses on recent advancements in the respective subjects. Faculties are expected to be role models for the students which can reflect their strength in the subjects.

  • Information to Student :-
    Students themselves claim pride to be BVRCians which keep them ahead of other counterparts. Their learning style is phenomenally different from others. Their exposure to latest technologies is a normal phenomenon here. BVRCian is brand.



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B.Sc., B.Com. and M.Sc.

Various Activities conducted for Students in Lockdown Period

Department of English

  • Students are provided with PDF or document material concerning all lessons English, CSS and Grammar.

  • To make the students practise all grammar parts at home, they are provided with online Quiz, exercises of grammar, communication skills and soft skills through GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

  • ASSIGNMENTS are being conducted through WhatsApp. Students send the done assignment in pdf form in return.

  • All the class mentors have contact with students oftenly on mobile to guide them on the right path.

  • Faculty get involved in an online training program pertaining to communication skills for MCA and MSc students.

  • Students are trained for placements. Predominantly, the students are taught to overcome the things they generally encounter in an interview.

  • We conduct personal interview through ZOOM and telephonic interview.

  • Audio explanations pertaining to subject clarifications.

  • We make the students do paperwork in relation to subject related topics.

  • In order to develop the vocabulary that is very rich in English language, we furnish the students with a set of five words of all types of vocabulary through Whatsapp

  • Students are made to know about webinars and quizzes of English language, and to participate in them for the sake of their language skills

  • English faculty participate in different types of webinars and workshops and also do courses through Coursera

English Activities During Lockdown Period

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Designation Activities Conducted
1 U Raju HOD activiteis
2 Neelima LECTURER activiteis
3 Harisha LECTURER activiteis
4 Krishna LECTURER activiteis
5 Swamy LECTURER activiteis

Department of Mathematics

  • The Faculty in Mathematics and Statistics are joined in Student’s What’s app groups, section wise.

  • Concerned Class teachers of those sections have framed suitable time table for those sections and according to that faculty from various subjects for concerned section are giving assignments through what’s app and Google class room groups periodically and monitoring the student’s responses. However due to internet speed issues some proportion of the student community are unable to participate to their full expectations and they are guided accordingly.

  • Keeping in view of semester exams commencement important questions and related materials are posted in the what’s app groups and faculty are doing doubt clarification through group chatting. Making use of google class room to conduct tests in analytical skills subject for many second year sections, PG sections is initiated.

  • It is recommended to make use of “M S Teams” to coordinate with students effectively from next week/future course onwards.

  • All the Mathematics and Statistics faculty are associated in the what’s app group ”BVR MATHS” to coordinate themselves and modify their work according to student response.

Department of Physics & Electronics

  • All faculty members giving assignments through WhatsApp

  • Sharing importtant videos links with latest trends in Physics

  • Taking zoom classes for doubt clarification and preparation for examination

Department of Chemistry

  • Meritorius students are doing Molecular designing with the help of Chemdraw Software

  • Drug designing (three dimensional), Drug Therapeutic Activity , assimilation , dosage way, clinical activity doing by the students

  • With the help of google class room - giving assignment , Evaluation and Result Announcement.

  • All staff members are communicating the students through whatsapp

  • Condunction of online classes using Microsoft Teams, Google Class Room, Edmedo etc.

  • Has done help in Disinfectant Preparation

  • Placement Training for Pharma job recruitment drive

  • Faculty as well as final year students, did online programmes in Edx and Coursera.

  • Faculty have attended workshops,webinars (national,international), National level Quizzes.

Chemistry Activities During Lockdown Period

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Designation Activities Conducted
1 D Ravi Kumar HOD activiteis
2 Phani LECTURER activiteis
3 Swapna LECTURER activiteis
4 Rajendra Banu LECTURER activiteis
5 Sabharinadh LECTURER activiteis

Department of Computer Science

  • Computer Science faculty created a whatsapp group for all three years MECS group students

  • All faculty giving the assigments or conducting the quiz to their respective classes through google class room to improve their academics skills.

  • We have been taking the classes for the students through the M S Teams appliation

  • We are started the project classes to the second year students & monitoring the students cotinuously

  • All faculty provice Urls of the import lectures from IIT's on latest technologies

  • All faculty improving their knowledge and doing online courses on latest technologies

Activities During Lockdown Period

Sl.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Activities Conducted
1 R Rama Rao HOD activities
2 B Naresh LECTURER activities
3 M N Ravindra Babu LECTURER activities
4 A Satya Vamsi Kumar LECTURER activities
5 A V Satyanarayana Raju LECTURER activities
6 V Neelima LECTURER activities
7 Ganaga Bhavani LECTURER activities
8 Chakradhar LECTURER activities
9 Prasanthi LECTURER activities
10 A Sai Ram LECTURER activities
11 Y Srinivasa Raju LECTURER activities
12 Meenakshi LECTURER activiteis
13 Rechel Medona LECTURER activities

Department of Life Science

  • All students enabled for continuous learning through virtual class (online-zoom ,Google hangouts )

  • Guest talks by alumni students about M.Sc entrance exams

  • Online PGCET training for the final year students

  • All class mentors have contact with students through whatsapp groups and giving proper plan for semester exams to slow learners .

  • For meritorious students our faculty conducting MCQ QUIZ using GOOGLE CLASSROOM .

Department of Commerce

  • All the faculty members of the Department has created a Watsapp group to all the students and making the students To have daily assignments which created a communication Between the faculty and the students in this hard situation.

  • Every faculty member is maintaining a separate google classroom And making students to attend quiz and tests by giving the class code.

  • CH.V.SATYANARAYANA Garu ,VICE-PRINCIPAL, BVRC Monitoring and encouraging Students by communicating through watsapp and advising them to respond more and making them to be initiative to learn things andAsk for doubts.

  • Faculty members creating interest in students by asking them to Prepare their own assignment and assumptions on prescribed Syllabus which make them enthusiastic to involve in work.

Commerce Activities During Lockdown Period

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Designation Activities Conducted
1 D Satyanarayana HOD activiteis
2 Deepthi LECTURER activiteis
3 Prakash LECTURER activiteis
4 Ravindra Siva Kumar LECTURER activiteis
5 Someswara Rao LECTURER activiteis

Department of M.Sc.(Organic & Analytical Chemistry)

  • Assignments & Quizzes are posted in google class room and whatspp and submitted solutions are evaluated

  • M.Sc. Previous students are being trainied online in Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning and Communication skill by Mathematics & English faculty. The students are also access to online portal to take tests as a part of placement training

  • Faculty are continuously mentoring the students during this tough period.

PG CHEMISTRY Activities During Lockdown Period

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Designation Activities Conducted
1 J Padmavathi HOD activiteis
2 Prudhvi LECTURER activiteis
3 Ramesh LECTURER activiteis
4 Priyanka LECTURER activiteis
5 Satyanarayana LECTURER activiteis
6 Nagamani LECTURER activiteis