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on 07/02/2020

Note:Student can register for only one event. Registration Fee: Rs.100 per event


Under Graduate Level Competitions
S.No Stream Events Description Co-Ordinator
1 English Drama/Play 1. Any Drama/Play from literature(Indian / Foreign )
2. Time limit – 15 to 20 minutes
3. Suitable properties and costumes are preferable.
Mr. U Raju, HOD-English
Phone: 7396444541
Lit Expo Based on literature, participants have to prepare project to elevate the content of a Poetic piece, Prose, Short story and Drama/ Play.
2 Sanskrit Sloka's Recitation First 20 sloka's of 14th chapter of BHAGAVADGEETHA; individual participation Mrs. B N V K Valli
Phone: 9908404798
Poster Presentation Individual participation; poster should be on one of the five characters from epics.
(i) Sri Rama
(ii) Sravana Kumara
(iii) Bheeshma
(iv) Yudhistara (Dharmaraju)
(v) Ekalavya
Explanation should be in Telugu or Sanskrit
Two persons from college for the above 2 Events
3 Mathematics & Statistics QUIZ 4 Rounds
(ii) 3 years UG Mathematics subject
(iii) puzzles
(iv) Photo identification
3 members per team; 2 teams per college.
Screening test will be conducted at initial stage;
Top 5 teams will go for QUIZ
Mr. M Narayana Raju, HOD-Maths & Humanities
Seminar Using chalk and Board, Participants have to give a seminar on the one of the following topics
(i) Applications of ODE & PDE
(ii) Applications of Vector Calculus (work, flux etc)
(iii) Applications of basic Statistics
Time Limit 10 minutes, two members per team and two teams per college.
4 Physics & Electronics Digital Poster Two teams are allowed from each college and each team contains two members, one from physics and other from electronics or the both either from physics or electronics.
Maximum duration of presentation is 10 minutes.
The team members must carry their information through a pen drive or a mail in a perfect manner.
Top three teams will be awarded.
Mr. B S Shesagiri Rao, Lecturer in Electronics
Problem Solving Two teams are allowed from each college and each team contains two members, one from physics and other from electronics or the both either from physics or electronics.
The team must answer the given problems within given time.
Maximum duration of time is 30 minutes
Top three teams will be awarded
Working Models
5 Chemistry Chemistry Innovative Projects(CIP)Working Models Participants should make any Chemistry related working model. Mr. P Rajendra Babu, Lecturer in Chemistry
Phone: 9989846480
Visual Quiz In three years of chemistry syllabus Judges will display any small concept on OHP. Quiz participant group should describe accordingly.
6 Computer Science Informatic Exhibition Students can bring a PPT or a POSTER or any computer science working model and explain within the time limit.(Duration:10min) Mr. R Rama Rao, HOD-Computer Science
Phone: 9440697678
Logo Quiz Questions will be given by displaying an Image or Audio clip or Video clip.
Programming Test-Objective) Round 1: A C-Programming written test with MCQ's.
Round 2: For selected participants of round 1, another C-Programming written test will be conducted with MCQ's.
7 Life Sciences Paper Presentation Topics
1. Role of Bioinformatics in Biology
2. Biochemical technics (in pharma industry, molucular biology and immunology).
3. Applications of Biotechnology
4. Transgenic plants and Transgenic animals
5. Role nurians in human health and nutritional disorders.
Mr. M E A V Rambabu, HOD-Life Sciences
Phone: 9949122123, 8985123297
Poster Presentation
Project Presentation
Quiz Rounds
1. Screening Test
2. Visual Round: Questions will be given by displaying Photography of Scientists.
3. Buzzer Round
4. Rapid Fair.
8 Commerce Quiz The Commerce Quiz conducted by dividing the participants into 5 groups. There will be 3 rounds where Ist round have five groups; IInd round will have three groups; and IIIrd round will have two groups. The group which answers first according to the rules of the game will be winner of the quiz. Mr. D Satyanarayana, HOD-Commerce
Phone: 9440322688
Alphabet The words according to various aspects of Commerce will be in a jumbled manner. The participant have to re-arrange the jumbled word into a meaningful one within 1 minute of time. The person who arranges all the words given within the prescribed time limit will be considered as a winner of the game.
Treasure Hunt Find out the clues hided at different places and reach the treasure. One who find out the treasure first will be the winner of the hunt.
Post Graduate Level Competitions
1 M.Sc.(Organic & Analytical Chemistry) Quiz Dr. N Prudhvi Raju
Power Point Presentation
ChemiCo-Application of theoretical knowledge of Chemistry
2 MCA Mini Hackthon The student will be given three programs, in those the student has to answer two programs within 1 hour Sri. K B V Brahma Rao, HOD-MCA
Phone: 9490347043
Technical Quiz 1.It is an Online quiz, it consists of Computer Science MCQ's.
2.No. of Questions:50 and Duration:50 mins.